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Try Renew Inserts

Renew Inserts are currently available in most states in the US. Please contact us at to check if they are available in your state.

Renew Inserts are single-use and available in 2 sizes: Regular and Large. Start with the Regular size. If the Regular size comes out at unexpected times or if you still experience leakage, try the Large size.

A convenient Starter Pack containing both sizes of Inserts is intended to help you determine your proper size when initiating use.

Please download the Renew Insert Prescription form and bring it to your doctor. After completing the form, you doctor will fax it to Bedard Medical Supplies who will contact you to collect payment and deliver Renew Inserts directly to your home.

Ordering support:

Download Rx form

Insurance Reimbursement

Many new medical devices and procedures are considered “not medically necessary” by the insurance companies and denied reimbursement as a result. This is not unusual for products coming to market within the first few years. This may be the case for Renew Inserts.

Bedard Medical Supplies is able to fill your prescription for Renew Inserts, but claims submission to the insurance company is the patient’s responsibility. The following are suggestions for filing an insurance claim.

Initial Claims Submission

  1. Your doctor will complete a Renew Insert Prescription form which needs to be faxed or mailed to Bedard Medical Supplies. We recommend you request a copy of the completed prescription form for submission with your claim.
  2. Once you have paid for and received your Renew Inserts, Bedard Medical Supplies will provide you with an itemized receipt for your purchase.
  3. Contact your Member Services phone number indicated on the back of your insurance card and ask how and where to submit a patient claim for payment.
  4. Many insurance companies offer online claims submission while some still require submission via postal mail using specific claim forms. If a specific claim form is required, ask that a copy of that form be sent to you.
  5. Complete the claim form as directed, being sure to submit the itemized receipt from Bedard Medical Supplies as well as a copy of the completed Renew Insert Prescription form.

Appealing Denied Claims

If your request for payment is denied as “not medically necessary” or “investigational,” you have the right to appeal that determination.

Appeals should be submitted by the patient (or their representative) with a letter explaining the need for Renew Inserts, how fecal incontinence affects your daily activities of living and quality of life, previous treatments you have tried and how Renew Inserts have helped your condition. You may consider contacting your physician for help in speaking directly with the insurance company reviewer or in writing a letter of medical necessity describing your condition and the reason for the prescription.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

If your insurance company continues to deny the Renew Inserts, consider submitting the claim to your Medical FSA, if applicable. The Renew Insert a medical device that has received marketing clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and thus covered under FSA rules.

Item Description Product Code Units per Pack
Renew Inserts – Starter Pack FG715 3 Reg and 2 Large
Renew Inserts – Regular Size FG730 30
Renew Inserts – Large Size FG731 30