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Breaking the last taboo


At some point in our lives, one in 10 of us will have problems with bowel control. What can be done to help those who are too embarrassed to even talk to their GP?

Coping with Accidental Bowel Leakage (ABL) can be more than just a practical inconvenience. Many people are too embarrassed to discuss their problem, afraid they are ‘the only one’ and that there is no treatment to help their condition.

Bowel leakage is surprisingly common. The Bladder and Bowel Foundation estimates one in 10 adults will have problems with their bowels at some point in their lives. Many live in fear of not knowing when they will lose control and manage as best they can.

One patient, who wishes to remain anonymous, says: “I am now retired and would love to have the life I worked so hard to attain, but I am stuck close to home for fear of incontinence. I have never felt more alone and sad.”

Historically, effective treatment for ABL has been limited. So a new product that is safe and easy to use, and is supported by the medical profession, offers hope and reassurance.

Renew Inserts are a clean, hygienic alternative to pads. Renew Inserts softly and comfortably fit your body and seal the rectum from the inside to help prevent leakage. They provide reliable and discreet protection and give you the confidence that comes from restored bowel control.

Carolynne Vaizey, consultant surgeon and Chair of Surgery at St Mark’s Hospital and Academic Institute, London, says: “These Renew Inserts provide a new, non-surgical option for managing ABL. They may restore patients’ dignity and provide them with the confidence to live a normal and active life.”

“So soft and comfortable, I forgot I was wearing them. I can finally go out and feel secure.”

-Lynn, Renew Inserts user

Renew Inserts are now available on prescription through the NHS and can be delivered directly to your home or dispensed by your local pharmacy.

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